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Best electric bike with power for hills

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Best electric bike with power for hills

Want to quickly find a mountain climbing electric bike for hills  that suits you? I recommend these powerful e-bikes to you, hurry up and click to check!

Top E-bikes to choose when you on a budget

Hotebike is company which is specialieze in ebike manufacturing, factory is located in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, China. Mian products include electric mountain bike for hills, fat electric bike, folding electric bike, and so on. The benefits of electric bicycles are being recognized by more and more people. For example, it is green energy and environmentally friendly; it has a moderate cruising range and can meet people’s daily commuting needs; it is convenient for parking and does not take up space like a car. If you are eager to buy an electric bicycle, but suffer from a low budget, then you must not miss the following electric bicycles.

A6AB26-Classic bottle battery 36V10AH 21 speed and 160 disc brake electric mountain bike

This electric bicycle is well-known in the field of electric bicycles for its high cost performance. HOTEBIKE’s kettle battery is produced by itself, so the quality control is more stringent than other purchased batteries. The aluminum alloy frame is lighter and corrosion-resistant, allowing you to ride normally even in mud or rain.

A6AH26-Hidden battery electric mountain bike for hills with 25km/h Europe popular ebike

Good looking electric mountain bike for hills, 36V 10AH battery hide in the frame, looks like a normal bike if you don’t watch close. More details you could read as follow:

  • A gearless brushless 36V 250W hub rear motor, max speed could be 25km/h. It connect to 36V inteliigent brushless controller and muntifunction LCD display, the speed and power could be showed on the LCD display, meanwhile, you can press the “up and down” button to adjust the level, which keep your riding in a comfortable atmosphere(recommend level 3 for your daily commuting).

  • Equipped with 36V10AH lithium battery, the battey is waterproof and removable. When you parked it on the square, you can lock the battery on the bike with a key, so you don’t worry about you ebike would be stolen. The battery cells are packed by aluminum alloy box, so it is protect the battery from rain, dust and so on. After a full charging(4-6 hours), the long range 40-60km you will get.

A6AH26-S-Full susupension electric bike for hills double suspension!

As an outdoor cycling enthusiast, if you haven’t gotten this double suspension electric bicycle, then you are outdated. This electric bicycle can have a shock-absorbing front fork and rear suspensin under the saddle. When riding, the two-pronged approach can minimize the shock when climbing.

  • 21 speed gears with derailleur, change the speed you want according to different terrain, and the suspension front fork can lower the the uncomfotable feeling of riding.
  • high speed power gearless brushless hub motor 250 watts, max speed for 25km/h, 36V 10AH lithium battery with short charging time 4-6 hours, range 40-60km.
  • It has 12 months warranty  that covers the motor, battery and contorller.

All in all, the above several electric bicycles are worth starting with, both performance and price are two important factors. If you want to know more about the category and latest information of electric bicycles, please visit our official websitehttps://www.frebike.com/


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