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Can you add throttle for electric bike

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Can you add throttle for electric bike

Rethink whether you should buy an throttle for electric bicycle ? Or hearing other people talk about how helpful it is… now do you think you missed it? Then you might be wondering if you can add a throttle to your electric bike (because you don’t plan to go out and buy another expensive electric bike!).

Although this part depends on your electric bike type, you can add a throttle to it. First of all, the controller of your electric bike needs to have a wire that can be plugged into the throttle.

In addition, you should consider other knowledge about the accelerator before adding the accelerator to the pedal assist bicycle. For example, did you know that adding a throttle to an electric bicycle might even cause you trouble? !

Read on and I will help you decide whether you should add a throttle to your electric bike (and which throttle is right for you).

hrottle for electric bike

What is the role of the throttle on an electric bicycle?

The throttle is a lever on an electric bicycle, which controls the speed of the bicycle by adjusting the strength of the motor. You can find the throttle on the handlebar.

The throttle allows you to control speed and acceleration. If you want to go up the mountain in one breath, you just need to twist the throttle. If you want to run faster, screw it to the highest level, then loosen it as soon as you reach the speed you want.

The difference between accelerator and pedal assist

The pedal assist function allows e-bike riders to start the motor and push them forward by gently pressing the pedal. The throttle can provide energy and speed when the rider needs it most (for example, on a steep hill).

To use pedal assistance, you can press the pedal quickly or slowly, hard or easily, and change the available assistance levels as needed.

On the other hand, the throttle only requires hand movement… either the twisting of the hand (for twisting the throttle) or pushing with the thumb (thumb throttle).

The throttle controls the power of the motor. The more the throttle is twisted, the greater the power of the motor. In turn, this makes your electric bike faster than without a throttle.

Use accelerator and pedal assist at the same time

Both the accelerator and pedal assist provide the extra boost of energy when things get tough. They work smoothly with other shifting devices.

In addition, you can also use the pedal assist function and activate the accelerator, which is especially useful for long distances and/or steep climbs on your electric bike.

Therefore, it is beneficial to have both of these functions on your electric bicycle. However, not all electric bicycles have a throttle, and some riders do not use the throttle for various reasons.

This is what the thumb throttle looks like:

hrottle for electric bike

The advantages of adding a throttle to an electric bike.

The following is a list of the advantages of installing a throttle on an electric bicycle:

Better control of your speed-you can get explosive power when you need it
The electric motor can be used without pedaling-so if you are really tired, your electric bike can almost drive home on its own.
Great for stop-and-go traffic and hilly terrain-you can move quickly and easily (seriously, I can’t just pedal my electric bike when starting on a steep hill…I need the accelerator)
You can go uphill without pedaling at all (but it may be slower than you want)
You can go further on an electric bike without worrying about whether you can come back (if you are too tired to pedal, just use the accelerator)
And because you can ride a long distance, you will have the opportunity to get more exercise

Disadvantages of owning an electric bicycle throttle

You may not feel like you are exercising-if exercising on an electric bike is important to you, you will need more determination to work hard (instead of being lazy)
You may feel like you are cheating on exercise…more so than when riding a bicycle (but who cares if you are having fun or using an electric bicycle to commute to work)
You may get injured by driving the accelerator too fast-it is easier than you think to push the accelerator too hard, so you always need to be prepared for sudden movements (and be extra careful when climbing steep hills… …Want to do a wheeled pose, unless you plan to do it)
It drains your battery power faster-throttling makes the battery output more power, so if you use it often, your battery will not be able to use that long
How do you put the throttle on an electric bike?
Generally speaking, it is not difficult to add a throttle to your electric bike, as long as you have a working controller with available wires for the throttle attachment. Some electric bicycles already have a plug near the handlebar, and you can install it there.

After purchasing the throttle, it usually takes only a few minutes to add the throttle. Different types of bicycles may require more or less time. For example, an electric bicycle with a hub motor may be easier to connect.

Steps to add a throttle valve:

Step 1-Unscrew the handle on the side where the throttle is installed

Step 2-Use an Allen key (check the size, but it may be about 3 mm)

Step 3-Slide the throttle and pull the wire with the yellow tip to meet the other yellow end plug (if it already exists).

If necessary, pull a wire from the electric bike controller to synchronize with the throttle wire.

Step 4-After aligning the throttle, use an Allen key to tighten it (but do not over tighten).

Step 5-Slide your handle back and tighten with your Allen wrench.

If you have other basic electric bike maintenance kits, you should already have the tools needed to install the throttle.

Where can I buy a good throttle
When buying a throttle, you first need to decide which throttle to buy: thumb throttle or twist throttle.

You can buy one from an online bicycle store or a local bicycle store.

Thumb throttle

The thumb throttle allows you to operate using only your thumb. You only need to press a small paddle and you will feel it start to spin. The more you push, the faster you go.

Its advantage is that it takes up less space than the torsion throttle on the handlebar. But if you use it regularly, it may also cause thumb pain.

And because the thumb throttle is so small, they can usually be used with your current handlebars.

Twist the throttle

Reversing the throttle requires your entire hand to rotate towards you (twist down). It’s like riding a motorcycle or moped. You need to be able to grasp it and turn it. But once this grip is mastered, it is easy to maintain.

However, if you have wrist pain or arthritis, it is best to use the thumb accelerator. However, if you only use the throttle occasionally, this is unlikely to be too much of a problem.

What I need to point out is that reversing the throttle will bring greater risks to your safety. Since it is next to your commonly used handlebars, and is usually the same shape and size, it is easy to accidentally twist the throttle when you are not going to use it.

Fortunately, this can be overcome with some practice.

Is it legal to ride an electric bicycle with a gas pedal where you live?
Before adding a throttle to an electric bike, this is the last important question to ask yourself…because adding a throttle may cause you trouble.

Is it legal to ride an electric bicycle model with a throttle in most places? Especially, can you ride a bike where you live?

In the United States, the three-level classification system has prevented level 3 electric bicycles from riding on many paths and trails because they can reach 28 mph with electric assistance (most places limit the pedal assist speed to 20 mph).

Adding a throttle will further prevent you from riding on these trails with a level 3 bike, and may prevent you from riding in certain places where you were once allowed.

If you add the throttle to a category 1 electric bike (which is usually allowed to ride almost anywhere in the United States), it will fall into the category 2 electric bike category.

Ride on most trails, although it can still be banned in certain areas. Therefore, adding a throttle to a Class 1 bicycle will also prevent you from riding legally in certain places.

hrottle for electric bike

But… this is important:

Every state and place can write their own rules! Therefore, Class 1 (which essentially becomes Class 2 by adding the throttle) may make your favorite riding path illegal.

Therefore, before adding the throttle, make sure you understand the types and classifications of electric bicycles that are legally ridden in your area!

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