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Canyon unveils two new urban e-bikes and an awesome electric pedal car

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Canyon unveils two new city e-bikes and an superior electrical pedal automobile

German producer Canyon, one of many world’s main direct-to-consumer bicycle firms, has simply unveiled a pair of high-end electrical bicycles in addition to a captivating electrical pedal automobile idea.

The introduction of the 2 new electrical bicycles in Canyon’s :ON line follows on the heels of the corporate’s earlier unveiling of its Grail:ON electric gravel bike just last month.

Now Canyon is unveiling the brand new Commuter:ON and Precede:ON e-bikes, each designed for extra urban-oriented riders.

Canyon Commuter:ON e-bike introduced

The Commuter:ON makes use of a Fazua e-bike drive system, which permits each the motor and the battery to be fully faraway from the bike, thus remodeling it again right into a purely pedal bicycle and lowering its total weight by 3 kg (6.6 lb). The motor is nominally a 250W system, although it places out extra peak energy and likewise presents 50 Nm of torque for highly effective hill climbing help.

The system features a 252 Wh battery that Canyon claims might be adequate for 75 km (46.6 mi) of vary. Like most European electrical bicycles, these are pedal assist-only e-bikes with a high velocity of 25 km/h (15.5 mph).


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