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It is the best solution to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Europe cities by riding a bicycle,especially for a short journey.The most European Cycling Federation concerned is safety,quality and creation of the products,in other words,it is the final market’s audit criteria to any companies.Nowadays,the main e-bike market in Europe is Netherlands,Germany,Belgium,France,Sweden,Denmark,Australia,UK and Switzerland,thanks to governments in these country to formulate sound policy and establish favorable bicycle infrastructures,so that e-bikes can be widely used in these countries.We believe that it will not too long to see a new trend of riding an e-bike.With universal bike lanes,riding a bike-with power or not,can be more safely in these countries,it is reported that Italy and Spanish are planning to construct bike lanes and e-bike lanes.

In 2015,e-bike sales approximately 1.4 million,1 million of them are made in Europe.The good market provide many opportunities for companies from other countries.

We predict that with more policies to be made by European Cycling Federation,annual output may up to 3 millions in the next 5 years,lightweight e-bike is expected to sales 29 billions.

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