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Harley-Davidson’s E-Bike Skunkworks Grows Into Pedal & Electron-Pushing Serial 1 Cycle Company

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Harley-Davidson’s E-Bike Skunkworks Grows Into Pedal & Electron-Pushing Serial 1 Cycle Firm

The Serial 1 eBicycle prototype takes after the seems of the unique 1903 Harley-Davidson motorbike.

After Harley-Davidson unveiled its LiveWire electric motorcycle, the corporate additionally teased the opportunity of selling electric bicycles to the public. Now, a brand new firm is born to deal with that enterprise from Harley-Davidson. This new firm – Serial 1 Cycle – will begin promoting its first product line in Spring 2021.

Began As Skunkworks

Harley-Davidson’s need to enter the e-bike market has led it to create a skunkworks inside its Product Growth Heart. The corporate’s e-bicycle venture began with only a small group of passionate motorbike and bicycle lovers. Their purpose: design and develop an e-bike ok to bear the Harley-Davidson title.

Because the e-bike venture grew, Harley-Davidson discovered it extra becoming to construction the endeavor into a complete new firm that may focus solely on e-bicycles. Thus, the Serial 1 Cycle firm and the Serial 1 model have been born, as led by Jason Huntsman, Ben Lund, Aaron Frank and Hannah Altenburg.

Borrowing From The Previous

Serial 1 eBicycle prototype with Serial Number One
Through Serial 1

Why Serial 1? The corporate and model title is derived from “Serial Quantity One,” which is the nickname for Harley-Davidson’s first motorbike inbuilt 1903 that signaled the famed model’s beginning. Serial 1 can be borrowing this becoming title when the corporate heralds Harley-Davidson’s very first manufacturing e-bicycle.

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Apparently, Serial 1’s e-bicycle prototype takes after the seems of that unique 1903 Harley-Davidson that includes the unique motorbike’s black body, black wheels, white tires, and spring-mounted leather-based saddle. In fact, this prototype is not on the market, however Serial 1 is anticipated to begin unveiling its first line of merchandise this coming spring.

Unmatched Driving Expertise

Serial 1 eBicycle prototype handlebars
Through Serial 1

In response to Serial 1, its eBicycles will permit its riders to go farther and faster while exerting less effort,  marrying the advantages of a bicycle with some great benefits of electrical energy. Serial 1 guarantees to ship an unmatched using expertise that’s “rooted in freedom and journey.”

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