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How to choose an electric bicycle?

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How to choose the most cost-effective electric bicycle? The following parameters can be used as your consideration range.


1. Maximum cruising range
When we buy an electric bicycle / electric bike, a crucial parameter is the maximum cruising range, which is the driving range. As an electric vehicle, it is often necessary to consider the life situation and its actual use when purchasing an electric vehicle to determine the maximum cruising range.

However, the term “maximum cruising range” is not out of reach. It has a simple and clear formula: maximum cruising range ≥ total distance traveled × 1.5.
For example, the total distance to and from get off work is 10km, so the maximum cruising range must be at least 10km×1.5=15km. At the same time, it is also recommended to consider the largest one-time journey (such as getting off work + grocery shopping + picking up children). In this way, you can determine which car is best for you.

Because electric bicycles have a weight limit (55kg), the batteries should not be too heavy, and the voltage can only be 36V / 48V, resulting in a shorter battery life than electric bicycles. When considering battery life, you must consider the false high battery life when advertising, and the attenuation of battery capacity after use!
2. Battery
Electric bicycle batteries have the following two specifications:
36V / 12A (Folding self-propelled electric vehicles are common, and the power source often uses lithium batteries, and the mileage is generally within 20km)
48V / 12A-20A (common for electric bicycles, lead-acid and lithium batteries are the power source, and the cruising range is 30-50km)
Except for the cruising range, the batteries of electric bikes are also divided into two categories according to their materials:
Lead-acid batteries are characterized by large size, heavy weight, relatively cheap price, and short life span, but they can be recycled.

Lithium batteries are much smaller in size, lighter in weight, have a long life, and charge and discharge at will. But the cost is high, and it cannot be used if it is broken. Lithium batteries are highly recommended for removable batteries.

Do you need a removable battery?
The battery is not removable and it is troublesome to charge up and down. Many communities prohibit electric vehicles from going upstairs. If there are no charging piles in the community at the same time, removable batteries need to be considered.


Rotating speed
1. Motors are divided into high-speed motors and low-speed motors in terms of “speed”.

The speed of the high-speed motor is extremely high, up to 3000 rpm or more. Of course, low-speed motors are relatively slow, and the speed is within 300 rpm.

High-speed motors can generate powerful power and torque, so when used for power driving, the efficiency will naturally be higher and lower energy consumption than low-speed motors.
The high-speed motor flies at a speed of 3000 revolutions/min in an electric car. Think how scary you are, 50 revolutions per second! This speed is almost on par with the car. If you push it up again, the power to turn the wheel will not be enough, and the motor will burn in minutes.

So how? The reduction gear comes in handy. This is the “toothed” motor we explained today.
Only high-speed motors need such “maintenance”, while low-speed motors are inherently low in speed. What gear reduction is needed? So it can be said that gears are all high-speed motors. With the addition of the reduction gear, the speed of the high-speed motor is “cooled”, and the converted driving force is obviously enhanced, and the load and climbing are very powerful.

2. Motors are divided into brush motors and brushless motors in the “brush presence or absence”.

This is easy to understand. The difference between the two is not obvious, because the brush is a vulnerable part, so the brush motor always needs to replace the brush. And brushless motors have lower current and lower energy consumption than brushed motors. Therefore, the majority of brushless motors on the market
In theory, a toothless brush motor is best. However, this technology is not yet mature. So there are the most brushless and gearless motors in the market.
To sum up: brushless geared motor>brushed geared motor>brushless gearless motor>brushed gearless motor.

In addition to the efficiency of the electric assist bike motor must be below 400 watts, the motor must also consider two points:

Liquid-cooled or not: Liquid-cooled motors use liquid cooling to cool the motor, reduce loss and increase life.
Is it waterproof: The first electric car in my family was scrapped because of water in the motor.


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