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How to store e bike safety: outside and inside

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How to store e bike safety: outside and inside

Due to its expensive and sensitive electrical equipment, compared to most other bicycles, electric bicycles bear greater responsibility for proper maintenance and ensuring their safety. Therefore, it is natural to question whether it should be stored outside.

If the humidity is low and the weather is mild, you can safely store the electric bicycle outdoors, and it has a durable, weatherproof protective cover. Before storing, you should clean it, remove the battery, and store it in a cool, dry place between 32 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

The correct storage of your electric bike also depends on how well it is prepared in advance and your attention to protecting it from thieves.

When is it safe to store your electric bike outdoors?

In cool and dry conditions, it is usually store e bike safety outdoors. Therefore, let us accurately define the meaning of “cool and dry”.

As mentioned above, the “cool” temperature between 32F and 68F is perfect for storing your electric bike safely outdoors.

Some manufacturers actually state that you can store electric bikes at negative temperatures, but that doesn’t mean this is a good idea.

Electronic components are very sensitive to cold. Therefore, temperatures below the freezing point may damage these components and increase the overall wear and tear of the electric bicycle.

It is further recommended that your electric bicycle is best stored in a “dry” place. In general, this means that you should avoid storing electric bicycles in places with high humidity or where the air contains a lot of moisture.

Humidity above 50% is considered “high”. Some people even think that humidity above 70% will cause damage to your house. Therefore, any moisture in the air exceeding 70% can damage your electric bicycle.

Therefore, if you live in a place with high temperature and high humidity, such as Florida, Hawaii or any tropical area, you really need to take the storage of electric bicycles seriously.

If you live in one of these areas, or where it rains frequently, such as Oregon or Washington, you should strongly consider storing your bicycle indoors to ensure that it is protected from natural disasters.

Otherwise, your electric bike may be safe to store outside (consider buying a GPS tracker to prevent it from being stolen). But be sure to follow the instructions to prepare, store the battery and put a protective cover on it.

e bike safety

How to prepare to store your electric bike outdoors

When preparing to store an electric bicycle, you should do two things.

1. First, remove the battery from the bicycle. Since the battery eventually moves your bike, you should take good care of it to keep it charging.
Before preparation, apply a thin layer of “terminal” grease on the battery contacts to prevent them from rusting and corroding.

Read on to learn how to maintain and safely store your electric bike battery.

2. Next, you should clean it, even if you don’t see any dirt. In fact, it must be cleaned every time it is put away, whether it is a day, a week or a few months.

This is especially important if you have been riding in sand, dirt or mud.

To clean your electric bike, wipe it with a damp cloth to remove abrasive particles and make sure it does not rust. Don’t forget to wipe the battery connector where it is connected to the bicycle.

e bike safety

How to store the battery safely

After removing the battery from the bicycle before storing, be sure to keep it in a safe place.

1. First, put it inside!

Just like the electric bicycle itself, the battery needs to be stored in a cool and dry place. Ideally, it should be kept close to 50-68 degrees Fahrenheit, even though it is recommended to keep it above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

A slightly warmer temperature will ensure it lasts longer.

No matter what you do, don’t put it below zero! If it still has electricity after long storage, then you are lucky. In addition, please ensure that the battery is slightly warmed up before charging to avoid damage.

2. Secondly, your battery should be stored with the correct power.

Storing the battery at 0% or 100% charge will shorten its life.

Instead, before storing the battery, take a middle ground and charge the battery between 30% and 70-80%.

3. Only use the charger that comes with the battery, because the wrong charger may damage the battery or at least damage the battery.

4. Keep the stored batteries away from flames and flammable objects, especially lithium-based batteries.

You may also want to place it near smoke detectors and fire extinguishers just in case.

If you have questions about how to dispose of your electric bike’s battery, please read the manufacturer’s instructions, which will provide the exact procedure for taking care of your specific battery model.
Buy a durable protective cover for your electric bike
When you decide to store your electric bicycle outdoors, you need to find a high-quality, well-fitting protective cover to protect it.

Although a cheap cover may be sufficient for a standard non-electric bicycle, you may need to pay a little more to buy a cover that can maintain the motor and other electrical components well.

The cover should be sturdy and durable to prevent dust, water and ultraviolet rays. A good protective cover can not only stick to the top of your electric bicycle, but also can be firmly fixed underneath.

Note: If humidity is an issue, then putting a lid on your bike may actually do more harm than good, because it can cause moisture to accumulate inside the lid.

Another interesting idea to cover your electric bicycle is to use a bicycle storage shed. They are just the right size for your bike, so they won’t take up much space. They can be made of hard protective materials such as plastic or metal (the same as any regular-sized shed) or durable, waterproof vinyl or “tent” fabrics.

The advantage of sturdy bike sheds is that they can be locked more securely to prevent your bike from being stolen. After all, they are not as easy to cut open as plastic covers.

Anti-theft security during external storage
Another important issue to consider before storing an electric bicycle is to prevent it from being stolen.

You probably have thought of this, but think it is unlikely. However, electric bicycles are usually expensive and therefore very valuable to thieves.

Moreover, as long as you leave the electric bicycle outside, it is more likely to be stolen.

Follow these tips to keep your electric bike safely at home outdoors:

1. Put a “Beware of Dogs” sign (where they can find your bike).
2. Cover or camouflage it behind bushes or garbage in the yard.
3. Or, place it in a well-lit area with safety lights, safety signs, or even cameras.
4. The most important thing is… even if it is in your own yard, lock it up to keep it safe! Use the safest locks, including U-shaped locks, D-shaped locks, and heavy-duty chains (which require multiple cuts and are difficult to hold when cutting).
5. And don’t be ashamed to use multiple locks. Use them all! And lock your bike to the strongest pole or surrounding metal objects.

When to store your electric bike in it

If possible, there are many good reasons to store your electric bike indoors.

1. If you live in a very cold place or a cold winter, it is easy to be below 32F overnight, then you should not store your bicycle outside.
2. Or, if your humidity often reaches 50-70% or higher, you’d better store your electric bicycle in it. If you must temporarily store it outdoors, please at least place it in a cool place and away from direct moisture, such as under a large terrace cover.
3. If you live in an area with a high rate of theft or cannot safely secure your bicycle outdoors, you may wish to store your bicycle indoors.
4. When the weather gets better one day or your car cannot start and you need to get to a certain place, keeping it indoors can also make it easier for you to get on and ride.
When you cannot store your electric bicycle outdoors due to weather or safety issues, you need to find a way to store it indoors.

Of course, storing electric bicycles indoors means you have to consider space and location. Do you have free space to store your electric bicycle? Or can you install it in your bedroom, hall closet or family room?

My husband and I actually put our bicycles at the entrance of our house. We don’t have to worry about the weather or keep it clean. In addition, we don’t have to unlock, unlock, or pull out from behind the garage.

Yes, they are a bit in the way, but we do have the option to fold them up to save space.

Finally, as long as the temperature stays above 32F and the humidity is below 70% (50% is best), you can safely store your electric bike in a garage or shed.

e bike safety

First ride after storage

When you are ready to ride the electric bike again, perform a thorough visual inspection of your bike.

Check that motors and other important equipment (such as headlights, GPS, and helmets) are in good condition.

Then fully charge the battery before riding. Before charging, make sure that your battery is warm and undamaged. Quickly visually check the charger for leaks or damage.

This is also a good time to check tire tread wear and proper inflation. They are likely to deflate during storage, and you don’t want to damage your tires by riding without proper psi inflation.

Finally, short trips. Ride along the street or block to test the brakes and gears. Don’t plan a big ride until you have done this. If you find any problem, you can fix it instead of staying miles away from home.

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