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Motorcycle products in Europe set off a boom in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France and other countries have recorded double-digit growth, the European cycling market, the largest savior, especially with the motor in the power of the mountain bike products, Is the European exhibition of the major booth standard. However, electric power mountain bike outside the European market has not yet been fully recognized, one of the key reasons is the high price.

Germany Bosch and HAIBIKE joint achievements of the electric power mountain bike glory, but because of Bosch, YAHAMA and other motor manufacturers to control, the high price of the motor in the above, such as Bosch’s home motor sold to Chinese OEM manufacturers, the price in the million Above the yuan, resulting in high vehicle prices. However, with the electric power to enhance the mountain bike market, more manufacturers to join the motor to the core components of the competition to go, SHIMANO, Ma licensing, Panasonic, light passenger, P Plus, CHOOCH and other manufacturers have launched their own motor products, Forced the price of bicycle motor. By 2017, the price of the wind finally blown in the home on the motor.

In this year’s Taipei show, most of the vehicle manufacturers have exhibited electric bicycles products, but with the European exhibition Bosch occupy the mainstream, many manufacturers use the lower price of SHIMANO home motor. Close to the price and easy to buy so that SHIMANO from Bosch to grab some orders, but also to the terminal vehicle prices have declined.

Under the impact of other manufacturers, has been high on the Bosch also had to lower the price, launched a slightly lower-end products. At the Taipei show, Bosch launched the latest third-generation mid-range motor, which is expected to cost between 1300 and 1500 euros, a significant decline compared to the previous product, is expected to be available in 2018 products. Bosch first introduced in the middle of the home motor products, to the industry has given a clear signal – the home is no longer high on the motor, and will soon become popular

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