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According to reports Figaro newspaper,two research published in Circulation and American Heart Association Journal declare that it can effectively reduce the risk of heart attack when a person ride a electric mtb more than 1 hour every week.

The first research continued 20 years by experts from University College South and investigated 45,000 citizens from Denmark.The research shows that heart attack rate reduced by 11% to 18% among people who riding electric mtb regularly for a long-term.The experts points out that,in 2892 heart attack example,those heart disease people may avoid 7% heart attack if they ride a bicycle earlier.So it is usefully to reduce the risk of heart attack by riding an electric mtb.Anders Grontved,the main person in charge,declared that it is benefit to your health when you use an electric mtb as amusement or a commute tool at Reuters.

The second research investigated 20,000 citizens from Sweden and lasted for 10 years,their average age is 43.The research shows that people who ride an electric mtb to work less suffering from the disease caused by long sedentary.Their risk of illness will less than those who go work by labor-saving means of transport,obesity reduced by 39%,hypertension 11% and diabetes 18%.Paul Franks,the main person in charge,points that although ride an electric mtb is laborious,it can reduce the risk of those disease worsens effectively.

It will never be late when you start to ride an electric mtb.Changing the way of travel means you should not only enhance physical exercise,but also change your life sedentary style,such as going out by car or by bus.

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