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The development trend of electric bicycles

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The development trend of electric bicycles

Is the exhibition of electric bicycles inevitable? In my opinion, it is certain!

1. The difference in efficiency between electric motors and fuel engines.

The electric motor can easily reach 80% efficiency, and the fuel engine can reach 40% is a very good result. HOTEBIKE’s intelligent brushless motor has super efficiency and can convert 80% of electric energy into kinetic energy, which provides protection for electric bicycle riding.

2. Promotion of the development of the electronics industry

With the continuous development of the global electronics industry, motor controllers that use IGBT as a core component will be further developed in the future. The motor is also simpler in terms of control than the engine.

3. Policy promotion

In recent years, the development of the electric vehicle industry has also been tremendous. You may not feel it, but it can be said that almost all car manufacturers have begun to develop pure electric or hybrid vehicles. The production capacity of the lithium battery industry has been fully boosted this year. Said that in the next two years, China’s lithium battery industry will enter a period of rapid development. The rapid development of lithium batteries has provided strong technical support and strong backing for the development of electric bicycles.

4. The inevitable trend of energy development.

The fossil fuel used by the diesel engine is an unsustainable energy source and has serious pollution emissions. Today, when more and more attention is paid to energy conservation and environmental protection, as a mass consumable, it is a bit out of date. The energy used by electric motors can be widely converted from other clean energy sources, such as wind energy, solar energy, and nuclear energy.

The above points can provide proof for the inevitable trend of the development of electric bicycles. With more technological industry and market development, we can determine the next step forward through market feedback. For more fresh information about electric bicycles, please visit our official website — www.frebike.com

which will give you the freshest and most frontline information and various types of electric bicycles.


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