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What is the best electric motor for a bike?

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What is the best electric motor for a bike?

A good electric bicycle should be supported by a powerful motor. From the point of view of gears, motors are divided into brushless and toothless motors. From the position of the motor, the common motors on the market are: Front motor, middle motor, rear motor. Today we will discuss the electric bicycle motor together: bike shop — Hotebike Europe Official

Front motor

This kind of motor is still a small number of electric bicycles, because the front of the motor drives the rear wheel to rotate through a chain drive, and the bicycle that finally reaches the point moves. The power is 250 watts, 350 watts, and 500 watts. Among them, 250 watts and 350 watts are more common, and 500 watts are relatively rare. Because the power is too large to control the speed, it is prone to safety hazards.

Mid motor

Common mid-mounted motors have 250 watts and 350 watts. The mid-mounted motor system combines the advantages of ordinary bicycles and electric bicycles to meet the two functions of assisted riding and purely human riding. First, during assisted riding, the motor output is perfectly matched with the human power output, and the riding comfort is excellent, which brings obvious relaxation to the rider. Second, when riding purely human, there is no additional resistance caused by the reluctance torque of the motor, which is exactly the same as riding a bicycle. The climbing performance is also very superior.

Rear motor
This kind of motor is very common. The power ranges from 250 watts to 2000 watts. The more obvious advantage of rear-wheel drive electric bicycles is that they are safer and more economical. Compared with the first two motors.


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