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Which electric bike company is worth recommending?

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Which electric bike company is worth recommending?

When we were young, owning an electric bicycle of our own was considered a very cool thing; as we grow up, what is the coolest thing? I think it is like this–according to our understanding, the carbon dioxide concentration will rise by 50% in 2020, which means that the greenhouse effect will be strengthened and the earth we live in is undergoing changes. Therefore, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, live a low-carbon life, and own a car Electric bicycles, becoming your daily means of transportation, are green and environmentally friendly, and harmless to the earth. This is the “coolest” thing we have now. It is urgent to buy electric bike to replace a petrol car. So which electric bicycle company is worth recommending? After my understanding, I have compiled an electric bicycle company with good overall strength-Zhuhai Shuangye electric bicycles. Their own brand-HOTEBIKE, products include electric mountain bikes, city electric bicycles, and fat tire electric bicycles, folding ebikes, etc.

Electric mountain bike

26″ hidden battery electric mountain bike, equipped with 250 watts  brushle motor, max speed 25km/h, 36V 10AH lithium battery hide in the frame, which looks like a regular bike if you don’t watch clearly. High performance on mountain climbing, from 12-25 degrees. 21 speed gears derailleur, multifunction LCD display, showing speed, power, and other parameters.

City electric bicycle

28″ classic city electric bicycle, black and white colors for you to choose, 36V battery is hidden in the aluminum alloy frame, up to 60KM after a full charge. Waterproof LCD880 display, 7 speed gears derailleur, 250 watts brushless motor, max speed 25km/h.

Fat tire electric bicycle

26″ electric fat bike, these giant bikes are assembed with 26″*4.0 fat tire, the contact area with the ground is increased, the grip is stronger, the driving is more stable, and the load is larger(150-200KG), and it is suitable for various terrains.36 volt 250 watts brushless motor, max speed 25km/h, 21 speed gears with derailleur, front and rear 180mm disc brakes.

Folding ebikes

20″ folding ebikes for city, which is your best chocie of commuter e bike, folding frame save more space and make it possible to carry when you in the subway or bus. 7 speed gears with derailleur, 36v 250w brushless motor, max speed 25km/h, long range 60km, short charging time 4-6 hours.


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