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Why are electric bicycles for heavier

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Why are electric bicycles for heavier

E-bikes are fun to ride! That alone is enough to get one, isn’t it? But if not, you should know that riding an electric bike can keep in shape and contribute to saving our planet. There is nothing better than this! If you are interested in finding the ideal commuter vehicle, electric bicycles will prevail. Compared with cars or motorcycles, they are more economical to run.

In the current market, an electric bicycle stands out: Hotebike A6AH26F. This electric bicycle is very suitable for any travel route. Equipped with large-capacity batteries and high-end components, it can take you anywhere. Whether you are sports or commuting, A6AH26F will meet all challenges. In addition, you can use this car to drive 40km/h on a single charge! It will also be an excellent companion for your off-road riding, don’t you agree?

Why are electric bicycles for heavier

Why are electric bicycles for heavier?

Although electric bicycles have many advantages, one characteristic of these vehicles is sometimes mentioned as a disadvantage: their weight. It is undeniable that electric bicycles are heavier than ordinary bicycles. The minimum weight is expected to be 44 pounds, and in some cases, up to 160 pounds. If you have to take the electric bicycle to a few floors of stairs, this weight may cause inconvenience to you. If you have to lift it to a rack or train, this is also a problem. But why are electric bicycles for heavier?

The pedal assist mode of electric bicycles comes at a price. Unlike ordinary pedal bicycles, electric bicycles are equipped with motors, batteries, displays, control systems, and in some cases special tires. Add the weight of the wiring that connects all the electronic devices, and you get a very heavy two-wheeler. More importantly, manufacturers usually use more durable steel to make the frame. A more durable frame is needed to cope with the weight of the electric motor. These are the heaviest parts of an electric bicycle:

Electric motor

This component is the heaviest part of an electric bicycle. It can weigh up to 17.6 pounds, depending on the type and power. However,  uses a high-end motor, which can generate 3,000W (or even as high as 6,000W) without exceeding the weight of a typical electric bicycle motor.


Lithium-ion batteries add weight significantly. The weight depends on the capacity and structure of the battery. The high-performance battery weighs 38 pounds.

Display and control system

Electric bicycles are equipped with multiple sensors, which can monitor the condition of the vehicle at any time. These sensors are connected to the display unit by wires. In addition, the control commands of different parts of the electric bicycle are relayed through wires.

Some manufacturers enhance their electric bicycles by replacing ordinary tires with wider tires. These special tires enable electric bicycles to ride on rough terrain more safely. However, this tire adds some extra weight (even the smallest). It will also be equipped with off-road tires, which can be upgraded for an extra fee. A good guide on electric bicycle tires has been published on the market. If you are interested, you can check it out.

Why are electric bicycles for heavier

But is it worth it?

Many beginners think that they should buy a lighter bicycle to ride faster. It is an excellent choice for riding flat terrain and simple pedaling. However, when you use the pedal assist mode, riding an electric bike is always faster. It is especially useful when checking uphill terrain. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the fun of riding, an electric bicycle is your best choice. Don’t worry about the extra weight. If you don’t have to move the vehicle up and down, you won’t even notice that it is heavier than average.


More importantly, the extra weight makes your electric bike more durable and durable. If it is designed for this purpose, you can confidently ride on off-road trails. Your electric bicycle has a longer lifespan than ordinary electric bicycles. No, it has nothing to do with the falling apple! Due to the heavier weight of an electric bicycle, it is difficult to change its direction through unintentional displacement of the wheel. This means you can better control your two-wheeler.


So now you know that motors, batteries, sensors, and control systems add weight. However, the extra weight is not a disadvantage that some people think. Quite the opposite! Heavy-duty electric bicycles provide more opportunities: rocking on challenging terrain, cycling in your hometown or enjoying commuting. The extra weight makes your electric bike stronger, more durable, and more reliable. Please subscribe to the Shuangye Newsletter and stay tuned to learn more about electric bicycles.


Electric bicycles should be among the greatest inventions of all time! Well, our excitement may have gone too far. But the fact is that electric bicycles are great. They are good for your health and the environment. They are fun to ride. But among the many two-wheelers, Delfast’s electric bicycle stands out. They are the best in terms of battery capacity and durability, no doubt!


If you don’t have an electric bike, don’t miss the big fun! Join the happy crowd who like to ride electric bicycles for leisure, sports or commuting. If you already own a car and think you don’t need another car, think twice. You don’t have to give up driving to own an electric bike. However, over time, you will find that electric bicycles have many advantages over traditional cars.


Why are electric bicycles for heavier

Park your car in the parking space

Decades ago, owning a car used to be great. However, people’s attitudes towards burning fossil fuels for transportation have gradually changed. Now, most of us are concerned about global warming and climate change, right?

Being environmentally friendly is not the only advantage of electric bicycles. Just park your car in the parking lot and ride an electric bike to work. No traffic jams and good mood-isn’t this the perfect start of a new day? Explore your city from a new perspective every time!

Why do you need an electric bicycle?

So, what are these advantages? Mobility is one of them. Although using public transportation is an environmentally friendly solution, it is not always practical. Don’t rely on routes and public transportation schedules, move freely! In the case of traffic jams, electric bicycles allow you to explore the city faster.

In addition, electric bicycles allow you to explore the countryside. With pedal assist, you can go further and faster without any effort. It is difficult for you to explore this way on public transportation!

We can list more advantages. But unless you ride an electric bike, you will not understand the benefits of these vehicles. Therefore, if you are planning to buy your first electric bike, we have a great buyer’s guide. It will take you through the whole process of choosing the right electric bike for you.

Where to start?

If you are considering buying an electric bike but don’t believe it yet, we have some tips to help you make up your mind.


Electric bicycles will help you save a lot of money. Gasoline is expensive, and its price is always rising. Most importantly, if you own a gasoline car, you must pay for maintenance and repairs. Older cars need to visit the mechanic more frequently. Buying a new model is not suitable for everyone at the current price. In contrast, with an electric bicycle, you will save money every time you ride. How many? a lot of! You can save up to $2,000 per year. Do not believe? Then, do math. Estimate the annual cost of cars and electric bicycles. Now, compare them. You will be surprised at the results!

Why are electric bicycles for heavier


Another aspect that needs to be considered is the availability of safety infrastructure for e-bike riding. Research whether your local roads provide safe lanes for cyclists. In addition, please familiarize yourself with local regulations on the use of electric bicycles. Make sure you are eligible to ride one of the cars legally, as some places have age and license requirements.


Why do you want an electric bicycle? The answer to this question is crucial. There are many different types of electric bicycles on the market now. If you specify your needs, you will be able to choose the right product for you. If you want an electric bike to run errands near you, you probably don’t need a powerful vehicle that will go bankrupt. There are electric bicycles used for urban commuting, leisure cycling, mountain biking, etc. Get the one that meets your requirements. However, if you are keen on long-distance travel, then a powerful long-range electric bike is a must. Hotebike A6AH26 is the perfect electric bike for long-distance travel and off-road riding. It is durable and can travel 40 km/h on a single charge.

Plan itinerary

After getting an electric bike, you need to plan to ride on simple and safe routes. These rides will help you familiarize yourself with your new car and explore all its features.

Watch the weather

It is best to check the weather forecast before each ride. Develop a habit-this is very important. Knowing the weather you expect will enable you to wear appropriate clothes and shoes. If the weather conditions deteriorate to the point where you must stop riding, make a backup plan. Buy waterproof clothes and shoes on rainy days and avoid riding in electric storms.

Why are electric bicycles for heavier

In conclusion

In addition to the few benefits we discussed above, there are many benefits to riding an electric bike. Ride your electric two-wheeler and discover them! Electric bicycles are both entertainment and a substitute for cars. Come join us and choose an electric bicycle that suits you.
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